8-course menu

A well-balanced, perfect meal should comprise a variety of ingredients from the sea and land; boasting varying textures and flavours; and ultimately versatile enough to work with all classic wine styles of the world. If you are looking at bringing in a diversity of wine styles going from the best of methode traditionelle sparkling wine to complex, unctuous sweet wines of the world, go for AnOther Place’s 8-course menu.

This is THE menu where each particular dish is destined to pair with a unique style of wine. If you want to find out what wines you should bring to enjoy with this menu, we have shared our thoughts here.

Amuse Bouche

Russian spot prawn sashimi
mango sphere, coriander, smoked red bell pepper

King crabmeat egg custard
caviar truffle, crispy Japanese shrimp

Swordfish steak
oyster and garlic mash, baby leek sauce

Dark soy roasted pork presa steak
pearl onion, shiitake, bah kut teh, smoked abalone

Lemongrass marinated lamb loin
sweet corn glutinous rice cake, mint & chilli red onion sauce

US Ribeye Cap steak
cous cous cake, green zucchini sauce

Sorbet of the Day

Dark rum chocolate cake
savoury carbonara ice cream

Petit Fours

$1150 nett