A BYOB Concept

Since December 2015, AnOther Place has been the venue partner of some of the most unique wine-and-dine experiences in town. And we always strive to perfect and fine tune what we can do and offer.

At AnOther Place, we combine our $0 BYOB policy with culinary flexibility; enabling our guests to enjoy bespoke menus that pair well with self brought-in wines.

This upcoming menu demonstrates our experience and understanding of food and wine pairing. It sees us placing even heavier focus on wines through re-introducing our inaugural offering of 3 tasting menus; whilst keeping our a la carte menu, which has found favour with most of our repeater guests.

Starting July 22nd, our 3 tasting menus will offer wine lovers handy options to choose a menu that will work best with various wine themes.

4-course menu – a white-wine friendly menu

Our 4-course menu is perfect for those who are contemplating a BYOB dinner that involves the following wine styles: Champagne, crisp unoaked whites like Chardonnay from Chablis; Riesling from Germany, Austria or Australia; all of which are great options for summer. Alternatively if you are looking for a menu that celebrates mature white wines with nutty, dried fruit characters, please simply email our team for an alternative sample menu.

6-course menu – a red-wine friendly menu

Red wines are indisputably the most popular style of wines that are brought into the dining room of AnOther Place. From mature, earthy Pinots to fresh, bold Cabernets; we have had ample experience curating a menu that highlight and celebrate the wines with complementing food flavours. We pay our hommage to the world’s various great red wines by creating a 6-course menu that will pair well with red wines.

Which red wines should you bring in to enjoy with AnOther Place’s food? Try our pork presa shoulder steak with bah kut teh reduction and smoked abalone with aged Barolos; our Iberico lamb loin with a juicy, focused New World Shiraz and our US Ribeye Cap steak with a Chilean Carmenere or Napa hillside Cabernet! If you want us to customize the menu according to your wine selection, simply contact us.

8-course menu – a versatile, multi-wine style friendly menu

A well-balanced, perfect meal should comprise a variety of ingredients from the sea and land; boasting varying textures and flavours; and ultimately versatile enough to work with all classic wine styles of the world. If you are looking at bringing in a diversity of wine styles going from the best of methode traditionelle sparkling wine to complex, unctuous sweet wines of the world, go for AnOther Place’s 8-course menu. This is THE menu where each particular dish is destined to pair with a unique style of wine. Let us break it down for you:

Botan ebi with mango caviar & coriander| Bring something crisp, fruity such as German Riesling, Argentinian Torrontes or Portuguese Verdelho

Crab egg custard with caviar truffle | Bring something delicate and nuanced such as a Vintage Champagne, Loire Chenin Blanc or mature Hunter Valley Semillon

Swordfish steak with oyster & garlic mash | Bring something smooth yet focused such as Burgundian Chardonnay, young Northern Rhone Marsanne or Bordeaux Blanc

Pork presa shoulder steak with bah kut teh | Bring something herbal and iron-rich like aged Barolo and Barbaresco, mature Chianti Classico or pre 1980s Napa Cabernet

Iberico lamb loin with mint & chilli red onion sauce | Bring something juicy and generous such as young Australian Shiraz, Californian or Oregon Pinot Noir

US Ribeye Cap Steak with green zucchini pesto | Bring something structured, brambly and with a smoky note such as Left Bank Bordeaux, young Napa Cabernet, Chilean Bordeaux blend or any quality Cabernets off the beaten path

Mascarpone parfait wiht chrysanthemum champagne gel | Observing the golden rule that “wine must be sweeter than dessert” this is the perfect opportunity for you to bring your best bottle of Sauternes, Auslese or beyond German Riesling, Australian botrytised semillon, South Africa Vin de Constance or Ratafia de Champagne!