Gypsy Chef™ David Myers


Travelling the world to explore modern approaches to diverse global cuisines is Chef David Myers’ first love (surfing and classical jazz are close seconds). Immersing himself in the colourful cultures of the world, Myers discovers muses in the art, sounds and flavours he uncovers along the way.

Through his travels, Myers has become a collector — and creator — of culinary experiences. Returning to his restaurants, he vividly recreates these experiences on the plate, blending eastern and western ingredients in his ever-evolving approach, transporting guests to the destinations that have inspired him. Myers’ restaurants not only showcase his creativity and skill, but pay tribute to his deep dedication to his culinary craft. From the music and design to the food and drink served, Myers curates every last detail of his restaurants in his sage and sophisticated personal style.

Mentored by famed American Chef Charlie Trotter and Michelin Starred Chef Daniel Boulud, Myers is celebrated in his own right. With a career spanning nearly two decades and three continents, Myers’ has recently been focused on projects in Asia. In February 2015, he opened Adrift in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel, adding to his portfolio of venues in Tokyo, which includes the California-style kitchen Salt Water by David Myers; Gypsy ChefTM in Boutique Patisserie Sola; and the American-style David Myers Café. AnOther Place by David Myers will be his first restaurant in Hong Kong. Among Myers’ other international projects are current and former acclaimed Los Angeles restaurants Sona, Comme Ça, Pizzeria Ortica, SOLA and Hinoki & the Bird.

Michelin-starred Culinary Creator of AnOther Place by David Myers,

and Founder of Gypsy Chef™