Our new A La Carte menu adds in a diversity of meats of all kinds! These are what excite us from the new menu

  • The team’s new favourites include exotic options such as Kangaroo fillet tartare and Duo of black pudding and ox tongue.
  • Big game is on and Chefs bring you Kangaroo fillet from Australia and Venison fillet from France.
  • We keep the most loved items from last menu – Alaskan crabcakes and Wagyu bavette.
  • Time for a change of Cheese.

This season we are doing an all-French focus; bringing you Comte 30 months, Mimolette Extra Vieille 24 months, Morbier, Brie de Meaux and Bleu d’Auvergne. Come during weekends and let us surprise you with occasional weekend special: from Epoisse, Couloummiers, to Brillat Savarin!

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