Going beyond fine dining

For the past 5 years, AnOther Place has established itself as the secret hotspot for the city’s most discerning wine lovers. We boast one of the city’s most friendly BYOB policy – offering quality stemware, wine accessories and professional wine service to all our diners. This year sees us stepping up on our efforts to creating memorable, great value wine encounters for our guests.

So long as you buy ONE bottle of wine from Hip Cellar wine store, you will be entitled to bring unlimited bottles of wines in at $0 corkage. Hip Cellar wine store comes with an extensive selection of over 100 wines from all over the world and the selection has been recognized by Wine Spectator as an Award of Excellence recipient since 2017. Take a look at Hip Cellar wine selection here.

We have also gone to great lengths to enable wine lovers to enjoy a seamless, well thought out food and wine pairing experience with their self brought-in wines. Our minds are always set on how to diversify and fine tune our offering, with one and only goal in mind, to continue operating AnOther Place as the city’s most welcoming, wine service-savvy and vibrant BYOB destination.

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