A beefy celebration… beefballs, beef wellington and a lovely wagyu rump from Kagoshima’s Nozaki Ranch

Preview our new A La Carte menu and Tasting menu that is launched since March 1st.

AnOther Place Spring A La Carte       Tasting Menu

With the return of warmer weather, it’s time for both a closet and a menu change. Our loyal repeaters would be delighted to learn that we have brought back the much-loved Black Angus beefballs – this time Chefs have added a deluxe touch to it by serving it with morel mushroom black truffle sauce.

We will be taking a break from gamier, fibrous cut like bavette and hanger steak; and will be featuring this rich and no less meaty flavoured A4 wagyu rump steak from award-winning Kagoshima’s Nozaki Ranch. Enjoy that with our reinterpretation of Mac n’ Cheese – executed as thick, hand-rolled fries for a quality comfort food evening.

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