Hello March! With the return of warmer weather, it’s time for both a closet and a menu change. Our loyal repeaters would be delighted to learn that we have brought back the much-loved Black Angus beefballs – this time Chefs have added a deluxe touch to it by serving it with morel mushroom black truffle sauce (Be sure to ask about how we “accidentally” come up with this delicious pairing when you next visit us.)

We will be taking a break from gamier, fibrous cut like bavette and hanger steak; and will be featuring this rich and no less meaty flavoured A4 wagyu rump steak from award-winning Kagoshima’s Nozaki Ranch. Enjoy that with our reinterpretation of Mac n’ Cheese – executed as thick, hand-rolled fries for a quality comfort food evening.

Our Pre-Order Special (3 days in advance of your booking please) sees us revisiting a 200-year-old classic English dish: Beef Wellington. The team is determined to make the best version you’ve ever had: 36 ounce US Prime tenderloin; coated with mushroom duxelle, chicken mousse then wrapped by parma ham and puff pastry. Classic to a T, executed to perfection – that’s what we’d like to offer to all our discerning diners this Spring!


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