Valentine’s Day Special

Let love be a little intoxicating…

Through our alcohol-themed 6-course Valentine Day’s menu

This year we ask ourselves – what would excite wine lovers the most when they gather to celebrate love? Considering we wine lovers celebrate our love for food and wine all year round.

A mischievous idea pops up – how about we make things all the more “alcoholic”? Along that line, our Chef team creates a alcohol-themed 6-course menu. Each course involves the marriage of an alcoholic component – from wine to whisky to gin and Asian liquor – with a quality fresh produce.

Come celebrate love with us this year. Bring your best bottle (you all should know by now we charge $0 corkage and are very wine-friendly) and let us take care of the rest.

P.S. All ladies will receive a complimentary GLYCEL experience pack on Valentine’s Day. Eat, Play, Love – yes we believe in that as well.

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